Fernhurst Tennis Club - Tournaments

Richard & Ruth Paine Trophy

This is an annual tournament for Mixed and Ladies Doubles held in September each year on a Sunday afternoon culminating in a magnificent tea to which many members generously contribute.

This year, we had a false start with bad weather on the original date limiting "play" to just the slap up tea and the tennis was postponed to Sunday 1st October.
This year's victors were Nick Chuter & Fiona Moody (again) who beat Tom & Antonia Plant in the final (again). The losing semi finalists were Peter Rix & Katie Ellis and Johnny & Kathryn Mullins

Past Winners have been
2011 Richard & Lauren Walker
2012 Tom & Antonia Plant
2013 Will Randell & Fiona Moody
2014 Richard & Lauren Walker
2015 Nick Chuter & Fiona Moody
2016 Charlie & Kirstie Scott
2017 Nick Chuter & Fiona Moody
2018 Nick Chuter & Fiona Moody

There is also a "Plate" competition, introduced in 2013 and won this year by Mark & Nicky Flannery who beat David Partridge & Rita Watt in the Final.
The losing semi finalists were Judith Turner & Fumi Wells and David Furbear & Jill Holland

Past Winners of the Plate have been:
2013 Sue Stathers & Cherry Aitken
2014 Mike Sheringham & Rita Watt
2015 Robert Stephenson & Karen Fick
2016 Mike Sheringham & Charlotte Evans

Turner Tankard Trophy

This Tournament was initiated in 2016 in memory of John Turner who had been instrumental in getting the Club off the ground in early years. It is intended that this will be held each year
on a Sunday in June finishing with a lunch for all players and guests. The event also doubles as a charity tournament. For the first two years, funds have been raised for the Bloodwise charity

The format to date has been a Doubles tournament, but each player's score is individual as they play with a different partner in each round, determined on a pre-selected basis to match players of a similar standard.
This gives a much more open format, where players of different standards have a chance to win. In 2018, the champion was Charlie Scott, who just pipped Peter Rix and Johnie Mullins. Charlotte Evans was the highest placed lady.

Past winners
2018 Charlie Scott
2017 James Roe
2016 Jeremey Howard.

Club Doubles Tournaments

 The Club also holds conventional Doubles knock out tournaments during the Summer months for Men and Ladies

The final of the 2017 Ladies Tournament was won by Felicity Roe & Antonia Plant, who beat Nicky Flannery & Suzanne Riley in a good tussle in the final.

Past winners
2016 Fiona Moodie & Antonia Plant beat Helen Ray & Felicity Roe
2015 Fiona Moodie & Antonia Plant beat Charlotte LeButt & Isabel Bristowe
2014 Suzanne Riley & Lauren Walker beat Sue Stathers & Sue Wilson.

The final of the 2017 Men's Tournament was won by the defending champions, Charlie Scott & Robert Stephenson, who beat John Fawcett-Ellis & Trevor Pearson in the final after they retired in the second set, thus continuing their unbeaten record in this competition.