Fernhurst has transformed its recreation ground and participation in sport in the last decade. Where once only a handful of children played on the Rec, now 300 are regularly involved with football, cricket and tennis. After 50 years of service and with almost 800 members the pavilion is creaking at the seams. This vital sporting hub for our rural community has outgrown the facilities and we want a pavilion that can engage even more local residents in sport for the next 50 years.

PAVILION 2022    
Fernhurst Recreation Ground Trust now launches   ‘Pavilion 2022’ and, ahead of the fundraising campaign, welcomes expressions of support to the email address below.

The work of the Trust and the sports clubs has already achieved ‘the numbers’ in participation. Subs are among the lowest around ensuring a true ‘sport for all’ philosophy.

Our strategic importance is clear from the number of families not just from the village but also those who travel in from Haslemere, Lodsworth, Midhurst, Petworth, Camelsdale, Grayshott, Hindhead, etc. In total, 792 members are registered to play sport in Fernhurst. We are already punching well above our weight with bigger clubs as Fernhurst children have been selected for district and county teams.

Recruit, retain, modernise

Our task now is clear: the tired and outdated facilities have to be replaced simply to serve and to retain the people we already have. The existing pavilion was built for another age and for far fewer people. It has been patched up to comply with modern regulations on disabled access, food hygiene, child welfare and the like. The public conveniences could and should be much better.

We aim to raise £1million to build a pavilion which complements our beautiful setting. FRGT and the affiliated sports clubs have already raised tens of thousands and are committed to more. We now seek grants and donations from Sport England, our local councils, businesses and individuals.

Local architects have drawn up designs which greatly improve the communal areas, function rooms, kitchen, bar and viewing gallery. Changing rooms will be expanded with separate areas for juniors. The public conveniences will also be distinct from those for sports teams. It will be a genuine ‘multi use’ building allowing different clubs to hold simultaneous events. Sketches are available on frgt.org.uk 

Fernhurst’s people have already demonstrated their passion and commitment. A village where children didn’t have much to do has been transformed to one which now attracts families from outside. With a new pavilion we can secure our position as one of the flagship multi-sports clubs in the area. We have the volunteers and the vision. We invite you to join us in this final part of the transformation so Fernhurst can have a pavilion to be proud of.

During the first half of 2017 a survey was conducted to determine the support or otherwise for the initiative to build a new pavilion. The results of the survey were published in the local press as a Q&A session with John Mitchell and Bill Gourlay, Trustees of Fernhurst Recreation Ground Trust.

The article is repeated here, just:
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Please email your expression of support to:       pavilion2022@frgt.org.uk